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Research clued us into the "Wing Bringer,"which is the designated person, within a group of friends, that physically brings the wings.  My job was to illustrate various Wing Bringers and add some drama to the moment when the wings arrive.  I animated some of these and drew various key frames for more intricate movements. The work was put out on various social media channels.


Skillset: Illustration, Motion Design, GIFs, Social Media Content

Worked in collaboration with:

Edwing Mendez and Dorado Quick

Email Hero Images

Marketing emails typically have an interesting image(hero image) that is used to grab audience attention, after which an offer or deal is presented. Working within a  branding system, I created these hero images in an attempt to get customers to update their zip codes by offering them

free fries.  Having this information would help in the future, when offering location specific deals.

Phone Case

The restaurant sells various merch on their website.  I was tasked with coming up with some design options for phone cases.

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