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Thoughts on Drawing

Under Construction

Like any act of will that plays itself out over time, the creation of an image has a set of dynamics which characterize it as unique amongst other forms of art. Though the creative spirit can manifest itself across various media, the act of drawing places specific limitations on the practitioner.  Patterns can be observed over a large number of drawings and strategies can be developed to alter the approach to future drawings.

It is important to note that we will be dealing with “original” images, which in this context means images derived from the mind’s eye of the artist and not from observation or life.  If one seeks to improve drawing things which can be observed by the eye then there are various other instructional materials available for drawing anatomy, flora, objects, etc.


In the beginning, the drawing is only an idea and so, it is extremely malleable.  Before the drawing takes shape it is beneficial for the image to “solidify” in the mind of the artist, what was gaseous must condense, as the image and its creation can be seen as a series of visual decisions.  In this case the accumulation of marks may be a better indication of the passage of time.  Time could pass with very little proof that an image has been elaborated upon.

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