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Forged Gaming

Forged is a Table Top Gaming Accessories company based out of Missouri. I work with them to develop various projects ranging from Promotional Videos, Packaging and other products.  I often fulfill the role of illustrator where I get to contribute to character backgrounds, narratives, and other touch points.

Skillset: Illustration, Motion Design, Graphic Design, File Production, Storyboarding, Branding

Promo Video

I was given a script and asked to create a promotional video along with a friend and collaborator, Edwing Mendez. He handled the motion and audio, including the final shot of the brand logo. I handled the narrative elements like the storyboards, character background and painted all of the animation assets.

Storyboards for Promo

Animation backgrounds

Tableau Illustration

My job was to create an image with enough narrative elements that sections of it could be shown individually, there are moments of story all throughout. It took much exploration and character design to land on this version of the Forge Master, the brand manifested in the form of a character, a poly-morphed Brass Dragon. The character represents the spirit of the brand, working away, crafting items and magical gear that the dice represent during game play.

Illustration for a Set of Cards

9 Cards, front and back


These are examples of variations on packaging that I go through in the process of seeking approvals. Notice how the overall feel of the designs stay the same but things like typography and texture are applied to provide variations.

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